Age 11–13 years

Browse our recommended books for children aged 7 to 11

Browse our recommended books for children aged 11 to 13, including fantastic fiction, graphic novels, fun facts, growing up and essential life skills, and illustrated dictionaries for SATs and GCSEs. 

Fantastic fiction

Take a look at our top fiction for 11-13 year olds, including the CILIP Carnegie Medal award-winning Where the World Ends – or the Jurassic Park meets The Hunger Games world of The Extinction Trials.

Graphic novels

If you're looking for engrossing and easy to read introductions to classic stories and legends, try these adventures packed with thrills and swashbuckling heroes. 

Fun facts

Did you know that Neil Armstrong's boots are still on the Moon? Or that thousands of mites live inside the skin of your face? Discover hundreds more fun facts in these lively books with infographic-style illustrations.

Growing up and essential life skills

Entering teenage years brings many challenges, but these frank and friendly books will help young people with growing up, managing their money, looking after their mental health and using the internet safely.

Illustrated dictionaries for SATs and GCSEs

Key concepts and basic ideas are clearly explained in these essential home or school reference books for SAT and GCSE students.

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